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Favorite Anime / Manga

Post  Musica on Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:25 pm

Personally I'm a larger manga fan as very few manga's translate well into a good anime series with changing plots, filler, and inconsistant animation styles, the best of course being the shorter series. Death Note springs to mind with the epic that is episode 1 + 2.

I probably read maybe 50 on-going manga
My Favorite 6 ongoing shonen series are:

One Piece
Pirates mean originality, great comedy and moderate on-going action. Anime is great when the right art director is working. Comedy and storyline far surpass many others. Characters always have unique personalities.

Not the most original series, power ups and fighting demons/spirits, all been done before. But you get hooked, although Ichigo may not be the best main character around, a huge array of supporting characters depth and personalities are well thought out, and Aizen is a top class antagonist.

Full Metal Alchemist
Great story and quest for the hero Elric brothers goals and human ethics. They make choices based around the importance of human life and its good stuff. Unpredictable plot and one I honesty didn't expect to like, but loved. May give the anime a try although the different story puts me off, seeing as manga Greed is my favorite character.

Fairy Tail
Picked this one up after Hiro Mashima done Rave Master. Has a nice art style and although his plots can become really predictable, any series he does has seemed to grow on me and always has great moments.

Liar Game
A great storyline based around mind games, outsmarting opponents and in many cases, simple mathematical logic.

Mangaka of Death Note. Original storyline no-one to my knowledge has done before, a manga about making a manga. Lots of story and comedy, no action. Funny idea to reference other manga.

My favorite 3 Seinen(adult) manga are:

Berserk - demon killing galore. You know things are violent when the hero executes small children with an 8 foot sword.

Gantz - aliens and horror, violence with guns.

Biomeat Nectar - think zombie outbreak with a man made animal. Horror / survival.

Would like to go to a convention someday.

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Re: Favorite Anime / Manga

Post  Mr_seahouse on Thu Nov 20, 2008 2:26 pm

All top quality choices going from the ones i know.

I think i will check out Liar Game, sounds interesting.

Have you seen Darker than Black.

Very Episodic at first but it builds into a very deep and interesting series.

It also has incredible music.

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